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Valiente De Hi-Brow

FEE $2500

Semen Available


Hi-Brow's AWARD WINNING Stallion "Valiente De Hi-Brow" is offerd in the 2011 PFHA Stallion Auction where you may bid 1/2 prices of asking price of $2500 and be qualified to enter his off-spring to enter the 2013 PFHA Grand National Breeders Sweepstakes for $60,000.00 in cash Prizes!

"Show Stallion", Valiente De Hi-Brow Standing in NYS @ "Hi Brow Horse Farm". Servicing Mares in Florida & Shipped Semen Available.

View our Stallion Service Contract Breeding by clicking here


Download as a PDF here

A gray Stallion started his life with the loss of his Dam, "Bienvenida del Escanto" at birth. Valiente's fight for life included being hand raised with the best of care & lots of love gave us his name. "Valiente" has a wonderful disposition and great bloodlines. His Sire, "Tornado del Conde" is a Top Fino Stallion. "Valiente De Hi-Brow" @ 3 yrs. old Pleasure Stallion & A/O classes already has won more than 50 1st Place points in 2009; Second Place, Pre-Spectrum & Fourth Place, Spectrum Shows. Hi-Brow's Valiente & Reanna [Cappuccino Granddaughter] have an Offspring Filly, Foaled in 2009 named, "Cha-cha De Hi-Brow" showing Fino characteristics. Watch Valiente & Cha-cha become Super Stars in the Paso Fino World.

@Southern PFHA 2009 "OCALA CLASSIC" February 19, 20 & 21 2009 in Ocala, FL. Pleasure 3 yr old Colts Valiente De Hi-Brow won 2nd placement on 2/19 & Valiente De Hi-Brow also won 4th Place on 2/20 also in Pleasure, 3 yr old Colts. @Florida PFHA 2009 "International Paso Fino Horse Show" Miami, Fl. March 28-29, 2009 Valiente De Hi-Brow won 3/28 1st placement Pleasure A/O 3 yr old Stallion.

FPFHA MIAMI SHOW July 12th & 13th

Show and Trail Points Lifetime Points

Pleasure 3 Yr Old Colts  134 Points

Pleasure 4 Yr Old Colts  124 Points

Pleasure A/O 3 Yr Colts   72 Points

Pleasure A/O 4 Yr Colts   98 Points

Pleasure Stallions Championship 32  Points

Total Points:                             464  Points 


Look For Valiente De Hi-Brow Latest Show results here

Form Object


Download as a PDF here


Hi-Brow Horse Farm, LLC

200 East 32nd Street Suite 15D New York, New York 10016
Phone: 800-833-0118

E-mail: HiBrowHorseFarm@aol.com

Web-site: www.HiBrowHorseFarm.com

Valiente de Hi-Brow PFHA # 51,893· Stud Breeding Contract

(Tornado del Conde x Bienvenida del Encanto)


Mare Owner:          _________________________     Farm:  ____________________________  Breeding Season: ________________


Phone Number:      _______________________________________     Cell Phone Number:  __________________________________


Address:                                    ____________________________________________________     City:    _________________________________   


State:                         _________________________________     Zip Code:  _________________________________________________


Recorded Owner or Agent:   ____________________________________________________________________________________




This Contract covers the stallion, Valiente de Hi-Brow, whose service fee is $2500.00 (Twenty-five hundred United States dollars) to be paid with this contract signing. PFHA STALLION SERVICE AUCTION Winning Bidder(s) service fee amount may be different never the less the entire amount must be paid in United States Dollars. Plus any additional expenses and board fees (request rate) due  shall be paid when or if the mare leaves the farm and / or certify pregnant for 30 days.  All checks should be made payable to the stallion owner, Marjorie Noto.


The Mare:               _____________________________________   PFHA Registration Number: _______________________________


Sire of Mare:          _____________________________________   Dam of Mare:  __________________________________________


Mare’s Birthday:   _____________________________________   Color of Mare:  __________________________________________

Term Length:


The term of this contract shall be for a period beginning:  ____________________________, year ______________ and ending not


later ___________________________, year  ______________________ or as otherwise provided herein.


The Mare Owner Agrees that:


Upon arrival, the mare will be:


  1. Halter Broken.
  2. Have the hind shoes removed.
  3. Be accompanied by a current certificate signed by a veterinarian, certifying that she is healthy and in sound breeding condition. Please note, a negative culture is required.
  4. Recent Coggins Test (within three months).


Stallion owner will not be responsible for accident, disease, or death to or of the mare, or to her foal (if she has a foal). Stallion owner may, at his discretion, have his veterinarian check and treat the mare for breeding condition or diseases, with the expenses of such services charged to the mare owner’s account and paid when the mare leaves the farm. He will pay the following board on his mare at the time the mare leaves the farm.  Feed & Facilities:   $_______________________  per day.


Should he fail to deliver the above mare to the stallion owner’s premises on or before ______________________ stallion owner shall be under no further obligation with respect to any matter herein set forth. Transportation to and from the farm is the responsibility of the mare owner.



Initials of Stallion Owner:  __________   ·   Initials of Mare Owner / Agent:  __________

If the mare owner chooses Artificial Insemination (AI), the mare owner agrees:


  1. To pay all transportation and collection charges of semen.
  2. To return any and all shipping container (s), within seven days, as soon as the semen has been used.
  3. To insure shipping container (s) for its full replacement cost or be responsible for its replacement cost if not insured.


This contract shall not be assigned or transferred. It is applicable for the above mentioned Mare, only. In the event the mare is sold, any remaining unpaid fee shall be immediately due and payable and no refund shall be due anyone under any circumstances.  If multiple embryos are collected from one insemination, each live foal born will require the payment of a separate stud fee.  The mare owner shall bear all risk of loss or harm to the mare or foal (if she has one) unless such loss is caused by the gross negligence of the stallion owner, his agents or employees.


The Stallion Owner Agrees:


He will provide suitable facilities for the mare and feed and care for her in a good husband like manner. Mare owner will not be responsible for any disease, accident or injury to stallion owner’s horses. He will insure that all care is taken to get mare “in foal” and provide documentation (at mare owner’s expense) to this effect if requested. He has the right to demand the removal of the mare after sixty days from this date should the mare be barren at the time. If the stallion should not get the mare in foal the stallion will be made available for breeding to mare during the next breeding season, at the option of the mare owner.


In addition, the stallion owner agrees:

  1. To guarantee a Live Foal.
  2. To provide DNA typing and registration of the stallion in accordance with PFHA rules.
  3. To provide all pertinent documentation for the registration of the resulting offspring.


As the live foal is the ultimate goal of this breeding, the Stallion Owner hereby agrees to send, upon Mare Owner’s request, fresh semen for the mare to be inseminated. If, however, after three successive heat cycles, said mare cannot be certified in foal by licensed veterinarian, the Stallion Owner shall reserve the right to withdraw this agreement and shall be granted release from further obligation.


Should said mare, pronounced safe in foal, abort her foal, or bear a foal which fails to stand and nurse as certified by licensed veterinarian, the Stallion Owner hereby guarantees that said mare shall have a return breeding at no additional breeding fee (any charges are the obligation of the mare owner). Fresh semen will be sent to mare to inseminate the mare for a maximum of three successive heat cycles. If the mare should not conceive, or should fail to deliver a live foal after the second year of breeding, the Stallion Owner shall be granted release from further obligation.


In the event that the mare dies (before, during or after conception) or becomes unfit to breed prior to the initial breeding to the stallion, the stallion owner shall be under no further obligation with respect to any matter herein set forth and no refund shall be due anyone under any circumstances.


The stallion owner and the mare owner mutually agree that:


This contract contains the entire understanding of the parties and any modification or alteration of the terms and conditions of this contract must be in writing, signed by the stallion owner and the mare owner. The laws of the State of Florida / or New York where ever the Stallion is Standing shall govern this contract. In the event that any action is filed in connection with this contract, the prevailing party is entitled to attorney’s fees, cost, and expenses, including all cost and fees on appeal. If any party of this agreement is determined to be void by a court in any competent jurisdiction, the remaining agreement shall remain effective.  The contract is not valid unless completed in full and signed by both parties.



_______________________________________            __________________________________              ____________

Signature, Mare Owner or Representative                               Please Print Name                                                                  Date


                                                                                                                  Marjorie Noto                 

_______________________________________            __________________________________              ____________

Signature, Stallion Owner or Representative                           Please Print Name                                                                  Date






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