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This is my little horse, "Napoleon De Hi-Brow" Paso Fino, Gelding in Pleasure Classes

A/O; Country Pleasure & Trail
Earned Third with USEF as "The National Top Horse Of The Year 2008" @ 5 Yrs. Old
Mundail Winner Pleasure Gelding 2007 @ 4 Yrs. Old
PFHA Grand National Champion A/O Pleasure Gelding 2006 @ 3 Yrs. Old

Napoleon won The 2007 Mundail  "World Cup Event" The International Paso Fino Horse Show, USA.

[once every 4 years]. 

 Holds "The Title Of Proficiency" & "The Legion Of Merit" Awards!

Napoleon's relaxing in NY @ Hi-Brow Horse Farm & watching:
Paloma Picasso De Hi-Brow;
Valiente De Hi-Brow;
Macho Peligroso De Hi-Brow.

Ranger & Lolita too!

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    Look For Napoleons Latest Show results here

    Show and Trail Points "Napoleon De Hi-Brow"
    Class Points
    Pleasure A/O Geldings 248
    Country Pleasure 202
    Pleasure A/O Geldings Championship 140
    Pleasure 4-year-old Geldings 102
    Pleasure Geldings 94
    Pleasure A/O 4-year-old Geldings 70
    Trail 56
    Pleasure 3-year-old Geldings 54
    Pleasure A/O 3-year-old Geldings 24
    Pleasure GeldingChampionship 24
    Pleasure A/O 3-year-old Colts 20
    Legion of Merit
    Title of Proficiency


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